Now Offering 30W, 50W and 100W Laser Machines

TFD offers industry leading, five-day laser engraving training with your choice of
our 30W, 50W or 100W laser machine. The training is hands-on and covers the
fundamentals of laser engraving and firearm prep. Although our class is tailored to
engraving firearms, the techniques taught will be applicable to engraving other items

and surfaces. Students will be given in-depth training so they can successfully enter
the laser engraving industry.


During our training we provide you with:

 All the settings, techniques, outlines, patterns and software that work with our
machines for engraving different types of materials
 A list that will have links to everything we use in our business to make your
transition into the industry seamless

The cost of the class includes a brand-new laser machine with a three (3) year warranty.
  The firearm industry has technical and regulatory requirements for laser machines
and all of our machines are designed to be compliant with all regulations.


Financing Available

We have partnered with Geneva Capital to help you when you are ready to make your equipment purchase. Click on the link below to start you application with Geneva Capital.